Sometimes when it’s late at night, you find the peace and quiet to tap into your creativity, to connect some dots. To have a moment to rethink life. To think about what is important right now.


Connection with existence

To me what is important — and I hope always will be — is a connection with existence, the truth, reality. The question is, how to access that truth. Even when I know truth is right here. Even when I know that there is nothing to look for and that all I have to do is relax and open up to the beauty and simplicity of this moment, to every moment, again and again.

Yoga and the truth

Yoga for me is a way to remind myself of that, to keep my body open and relaxed enough to experience reality/truth. My yoga practice influences my emotions and my body chemistry so that I’m able to access that truth which is so simple, and at the same time so difficult to open up to through all the stories we believe in. The truth of this moment is what is here right now, not what we think is important in our thoughts, but here, now (typing, the background sound of the computer, a cat purring, breathing, the couch)!

That is truth, that is real, that is peace…

With regards to yoga…an arm moving with the breath, a stretch, a sensation, observe, witness, allow, open, be… Just be.

Keep up your yoga practice. Try and get some meditation in as well. Remember you need to be relaxed to be able to open up to the reality of the here and now, and that is where you will find true freedom.

Be well,

Esther Ekhart

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