Join us on May 15th for something a little different!


Seasonal Cleanse with Ayurveda and Yoga 

Our latest guided programme is all about using the science of Ayurveda, alongside yoga, to understand your body and support it to work at its best.

We have teamed up with Ayurvedic specialist John Immel from to bring you a two-week programme with in-depth lectures on Ayurveda, plus yoga classes tailored for your body type or dosha.

John is an Ayurvedic practitioner and studied under Dr. Vasant Lad (one of the world’s leading experts in Ayurveda) and specializes in the advanced treatment of digestive tract pathology.

I interviewed John to find out how Ayurveda can help us to understand our own body type (or dosha), to recognise signs of imbalance, and how to support and nuture our bodies with the right foods for our type. You can read more about the interviews below.

Join us for this new two-week programme and you will get access to:

  • 3 in-depth lectures from John Immel
  • 7 yoga classes
  • A guided five-day cleanse tailored to your dosha and the season where you are
  • Recipes and articles on Ayurveda


How do I join the Seasonal Cleanse programme?

If you are an EkhartYoga member you have unlimited access to this programme along with all our others. Go to the programme page and click on the Join this programme button. Please sign up for the email reminders to get your schedule and extra content.

If you can’t join us on the start date on 15th May you can still follow the programme later in your own time.


Programme details


In week one of the programme you can watch the interviews with John. We cover three big topics:

1. ‘What are ‘toxins’?’

Toxin is a word that gets used a lot in the media – but what exactly are toxins and where do they come from? We talk about how some of these toxins are actually just residue from natural processes in the body that we haven’t quite digested and eliminated properly. Ayurveda can show us how to recognise the build up of these toxins and how to best support our body to eliminate them – according to our body type.

2. Doshas and body types – why are they important?

You are perhaps already familiar with the idea of the three body types – doshas – in Ayurveda. If not you can read All about Ayurveda to get an overview. These doshas are Vata, Pitta or Kapha. In the second interview with John we look at why is helpful for us to know which of our doshas is predominant and discuss the different physical and psychological characteristics of the doshas, including how they each deal with food and energy in a different way. We talk about how to recognise imbalances in our dosha(s) and what we can do to help bring more balance.

3. Tailoring a 5-day cleanse to your body type and the seasons

In the final interview, John talks us through a day by day gentle cleanse for your system with options for our different doshas and according to whether it is Spring or Autumn (Fall) where you are. We’ll give you shopping lists and links to recipes so you can prepare to follow the cleanse during week two.

Yoga classes to support your body

During week one you’ll also practise four yoga classes for your liver, lungs, digestion and kidneys.


Week Two

5 day cleanse
In the second week of the programme, you’ll get daily guidance through your five-day cleanse, plus advice on how to carry on supporting your body following the programme.

Yoga for your dosha
Irina Verwer has created three new yoga classes specifically for each dosha. You’ll repeat the class (or classes for your dosha during the week.


Who is this for?

I recommend this programme for anyone who would like to give their body a helping hand. However, it is not designed to replace medical advice. If you have a medical condition, especially relating to your digestion, you may choose to watch the talks and follow the yoga classes (if they are appropriate for you) but either adapt the cleanse or leave it completely.

The cleanse is not about strict fasting, Ayurveda looks to support your body not deny it. It is important to make sure you’re cleansing for the right reason: helping your body do what it’s supposed to do naturally.

When your digestion is working as it should your whole health with benefit. So join us for the Seasonal Cleanse with Ayurveda and Yoga programme.

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