What Students Say

Teacher Training

The yoga teacher training was wonderful, the teachers and fellow students were all so positive and supportive. Although it was an intensive training I never felt under pressure. The meditation and pranayama in the morning really energised me and kept me going. The yoga classes always suited my body and mood as the teachers were so attuned. Even though I have been practising yoga for many years I learnt so much about alignment through these classes and the asana labs. Esther and Sandra are wealths of information and were very generous in sharing all there knowledge. They were quick to praise and bring out the best in all of us. I never had much interest in the philosophy of yoga I just thought it was something I would have to go through as part of the course. Esther and Sandra really made them relevant to real life which made them more accessible and interesting.
The location, Suryalila, was super too. It was in such a tranquil area surrounded by nature. The staff looked after us very well and we got fantastic food made from the heart. The good weather helped a lot too.
I feel much more competent at teaching yoga now, but I feel excited about how much I still have to learn and experience. My teachers and fellow students have inspired me and filled me with enthusiasm to continue on this great adventure. Much love and deep gratitude to my teachers, fellow students and everyone else who made my experience possible.


I can honestly say that this experience was one of the best of my life. At times it felt like being on a roller coaster and I experienced a huge array of emotions, but ultimately I knew I was in extremely safe and experienced hands. Esther is an angel – warm, funny, genuine and down to earth – not to mention an extremely gifted and inspirational teacher. Not only did I learn a huge amount in terms of my physical yoga practice, (along with the teaching of yoga, anatomy, meditation and pranayama, history and philosophy, alignment, adjustments, etc…..) we were also taught emotional ‘tools’ which I know I will use for the rest of my life. My fellow trainees were wonderful and I am hugely honoured and excited to be joining them on this incredible adventure. Love and ‘thank you’ again to you all.


Esther Ekhart’s yoga teacher training has been the best experience of my life. Her obvious passion for wanting to share the gift of yoga, along with her completely down to earth human nature, made the whole experience feel completely genuine and unlike any other yoga course I am aware of. I have learned so much about the different aspects of yoga, and more about myself than I thought possible through the training. After training with Esther, I feel completely ready and passionately excited to teach yoga to everyone and anyone! Honestly, whether someone is intending to teach yoga or not – I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to delve deeper in to yoga and in to themselves to take this course with Esther.


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Yoga Retreats & Workshops

A whole week of yoga inspiration, meditation and breathing techniques, amazing people, great healthy food and a much needed retreat from the daily grind. But the icing on the cake, a most knowledgeable, patient and generous teacher in Esther. Thank you for a wonderful experience 🙂

Sona & Philip

It’s no wonder that this is my favourite week of the year. A superb setting in southern Spain with delicious food and like minded lovely yogis. However, the best part is a week of inspiring classes with Esther. Roll on next year.


Flow morning practice, silent breakfast and yin in thunder and lightning. But above all thank you for your comforting presence, your gentle voice guiding me into the most amazing meditation experience ever. Grateful to be your student.


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